Stair Lifts

A Stair Lift May Be The Solution To Your Problems

You don’t need to move to another house or use just one level of yours. With the right stair lift, you will be able to use the entire house with few small adjustments. Even if you think that installing one may take long, Better Life Mobility technicians will prove otherwise – we can install it for you in the matter of hours.

These lifts are tested and have proven their quality in all types of weather, so if you choose an outdoor stair lift you can have your independence without the fear that will be jeopardized by a bad weather!


Bruno Electra-Ride SRE-2750

Electra-Ride LT Stairlift Offers Exceptional Value.
Standard Stairlift System

Elan Straight Rail Stairlift Model SRE-3000

Ask For Factory Trained Installers!
Straight Rail Stairlift System

Bruno Outdoor Electra-Ride Elie SRE-2010E

Best for the Outdoors!
Outdoor Stairlift System

Bruno Electra-Ride III SRE-2110

Fits Most Applications
Custom Stairlift System

Bruno Electra-Ride II SRE-1550

Ask About Our Monthly Specials!
Custom Stairlift Chair

Everything You Need to Know About Adding a Stair Lift to Your Home

When it’s time to consider adding a stair lift to make it easier to get up and down the stairs, here’s what you might want to know . . .

What is a “Stair Lift?
Where Can You Use a Stair Lift?
How is the Stair Lift Installed?
How do I use the Stair Lift?
Won’t the Stair Lift take up a lot of room on my stairway?
Does an outdoor Stair Lift have to be used in a covered area?
What happens when there’s no power?
What’s the first step?